2015 Asian Festival

This year is

the 20th Anniversary of the Asian

Festival and

it is my 2nd year opening up my Acupuncture services to the community! It was amazing how much enthusiasm and interest people have for Chinese Medicine! I had

no break during these two days answering people’s questions and

treating people’s health problem with needles, fire cups, or Acupressure TuiNa methods. I was totally shocked by the 100% effectiveness for 98 total on-site treatments on Saturday and Sunday! I believe that my effort today was

just like me

providing the soil for living seeds! I’m exhausted but greatly enjoyed it!

Asian Festival 2015

Asian Festival 2015


Asian Festival 2015


Asian Festival 2015


Asian Festival 2015

Asian Festival 2015


Asian Festival 2015


Asian Festival 2015




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Spring/Summer Special Offers

Now is the best time to

nourish the Liver

and Heart

春养肝:   肝主疏泄,主藏血,其华在爪,开窍于目,在志为怒,在液为泪

Special offer:  Acupuncture treatment with free cupping service good through August 31, 2015 (为您免费排毒!)

Free consultation and try a needle for experiencing of acupuncture anytime!

Call as soon as you can to schedule

for your guaranteed appointment.  If you don’t get any result, you can be free of charge!










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2014 Columbus Asian Festival

Acupuncture of Dublin participated 2014 Asian Festival and it is the only acupuncture booth which was doing on

site demonstration and treatments.  It was exciting and unforgettable!  More than a dozen of people got help for their headache, back pain and neck pain. People not only experienced acupuncture but also fire jar cupping, Chinese TuiNa, Acupressure massage and moxibustion. One patient said as soon as the needles inserted into his head, his migraine started to relieve.  People are eager for

alternative medicine and thousand of acupuncture information sheets were picked up during the event!

AF 1 starting    AF3 Headach

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Grand Opening

grand opening

Regular $80 per treatment


during the first three months of services!

Good through July 11th, 2014

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